Processing & Production of Thermoplastic Components: With hi quality up-to-date state of an art facility of Injection Molding we manufacture components in a range of 2grams to 1 kg by weight & Capacity of Injection molding range from 30 tones TO 350 tons.
The smallest component we makes is of 0.2 gms of Polycarbonate Lenses & largest of 1kg is in Polyamide. We produce components in Polycarbonate, Polyamide, Polysulfones,Polyethylines,Polypropelenes ABS, Acrylic, Polyoximethylene, Polyurethane. In one say we make components in any thermoplastics material other than PVC

Having association for a long with MNC suppliers we have a back up of any technical Matters for materials application, Processing with specific queries.